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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to Manually Update your T-Mobile G1 from a MicroSD Card

The T-Mobile G1 phone does not require an over-the-air update to be upgraded to the new RC29 firmware. All you need is a MicroSD card.

WARNING: This update method is not supported by T-Mobile, or Google. If you brick your phone, it becomes a useless paperweight, and all your information gets lost, don’t say we didn’t warn you. On the upside, we haven’t heard of anyone having any problems, which means manual updates could become a routine option at a later date.

Here are the instructions to complete the manual update to the RC29 firmware:

1. Get the RC29 update from Google ( Download here )

2. Rename it the downloaded file from signed-kila-ota-115247-prereq.TC4-RC19+RC28.zip to update.zip, and place it in the root of your Micro SD card.

(Don’t forget to unplug your handset from Computer USB before proceeding for next step)

3. Turn off your G1, then turn it back on by holding the Home+End keys until you see an icon popup after the T-Mobile G1 logo.

4. From the icon screen, open the keyboard and hit Alt+L. This will display the log saying what is happening (although you can skip this step).

5. Now press Alt+S to begin the update. Remember, the update needs to be in the root of the Micro SD card and needs to be named update.zip.

6. Once it finishes, just follow the onscreen instructions and press Home+Back to finish.

7. The G1 will reboot a few times to flash different parts of the firmware.

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