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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Angelina Jolie body`s ten best body parts revealed

Dari hasil pengamatan Gossip Blog, bibir Angelina Jolie termasuk yang paling seksi diantara Selebritis Hollywood yang lainnya, mau tau lebih lengkap bagian tubuh top 10 paling seksi dari Angelina Jolie, lihat kutipan langsung dibawah ini dari E!Online:

Jolie’s 10 best body parts are:

1. Lips: If she had only one body part, this would be it.

2. Eyes: Commanding yet gentle, these warm green orbs seem to offer the rest of us an easy way in.

3. Trigger finger: The lefty action hero hits her target with more flare and precision than Will, Bruce or even Uma.

4. Brain: She's been called the smartest woman in Hollywood, reports E! Online.

5. Left arm: Specifically the tattoo detailing the coordinates—latitude and longitude—of where Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara were born.

6. Uterus: The most famous, hyped, buzzed-about and potentially profitable internal organ in all of Hollywood.

7. Hips: She has one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

8. Breasts: They rarely steal the show.

9. Forehead mole: Sometimes it's exotic, sometimes it's zitlike. But Jolie herself has said, "I find flaws attractive."

10. Heart: She's opened her home to—so far—three orphans from around the world.

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