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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5 Interesting Places in Singapore

Care to visit some of the most interesting places in Singapore? Well, help is here!

If you have limited time in Singapore, you would not want to plod along the streets not knowing where to go (trust me, its frustrating to do that - no matter where you go on holiday).

So this article will show you five of the most interesting places you that will find in this city state. Read on and find out more ...

1. The Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is among the most visited tourist destination in Asia. If travelling with kids, this is one of the must-visit spots on the island. The Singapore Zoo is been much acclaimed for its open landscape and spaciousness where in the animals live in enclosures simulating that of their natural habitat.

The zoo is filled with exotic animals like white tigers, polar bears, and Asian elephants etc. In addition, the Singapore Night Safari is one of Singapore’s premier tourist attractions. The Night Safari is the world’s first such attraction. Experience wildlife on a 45-minute tram ride or take one of the three Walking Trails to get a feel of the park in eight geographical zones covering forty hectares of forested park.

The sight of watching over one hundred different species of nocturnal animals (including leopards, lions and tigers) is simply amazing and something you will remember always.

2. Jurong Bird Park

If you're bored of seeing the numerous shopping malls and restaurants in Singapore, then try visiting the Singapore Jurong Bird Park. The Jurong Bird Park is the largest open-concept bird park in the Asia Pacific, with over 600 species of birds.

You can take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a scintillating sight of the Park. You can also enjoy the fantastic Penguin Exhibit with an underwater viewing gallery, along with the world-clas All-Star Bird Show.

3. Sentosa

The island of Sentosa is just south of the main Singapore island. This place is another must-visit place as it contains Singapore's famous Sentosa beach resort. If you want to hang out on the beach and read a good book, there is no better place to do it than Sentosa beach.

There are also great hotels (e.g. the Rasa Sentosa) which provide top notch accommodation. You can also visit relics from the Second World War in Singapore, and go to the Underwater World where all sorts of interesting sea creatures reside.

4. The Singapore Botanic Gardens

Among the most interesting and most visited place in Singapore is the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The gardens are a lush and scenic park spread over 52 hectares of land right in the heart of the city.

The garden is accessible from the Holland road and Cluny Road, just off the western end of Orchard Road. The park is a great spot for people who want to enjoy time at a leisurely pace, go for a jog or set up a picnic spot. The Botanic Gardens are rather distinctive as they contain a whole variety of flora from differing climates.

5. Haw Par Villa

The 'Haw Par Villa', is an important tourist spot in Singapore. You can see all the different mythological and legends of the Chinese culture here. Moreover, you will be entertained by the dragon dances and other cultural shows. A dragon boat ride brings you through the ups and downs of the Chinese Hell.


Fun in Singapore never ends and there quite a few interesting places to enjoy. The above five places are but a few suggestions. Make sure you do your research before arriving in Singapore and find out which are the best places to visit during your stay. Happy travels!

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