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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


#10 Sora Aoi - What better way to start off this list than with Sora and her infamous F-cups of fun. She does those dirty movies where people do stuff to each other hairy parts and I highly recommend them.

#9 Sayaka Isoyama - Sayaka is one of Japan's most infamous"idols."In Japan, an Idol is a ridiculously hot girl with giant natural boobs. As you can see, Sayaka definitely fits the bill.

#8 Panward Hemmanee - When this Thai beauty isn't having photos of her awesome body taken, she also likes to sing and she wants to be an actress. Panward recently nailed her role as "the hot Asian girl" in Bangkok Dangerous.

#7 Jun Natsukawa - This Japaneses hottie loves watching movies, listening to music and playing ping pong. I would like to go on record saying that I would personally love to watch Jun play ping pong.

#6 Reon Kadena - Reon continues to be one of the most search models on the web. I'm sure the fact that she weighs 95 pounds and has a 36C cup has nothing to do with it.

#5 Nozomi Sasaki - Nozomi is currently one of Japan hottest models right now. She looks so innoncent it's almost a crime.

#4 Kana Tsugihara - Yet another Japanese hottie on the F-cup list. I mean why would anyone settle for an E-cup when they could drink from F-cups?

#3 Maria Ozawa - Probably one of the hottest "adult" stars in the history of mankind. I'm not admitting to the fact that I've seen all of her movies, but off the record I have.

#2 Jarah Mariano - This is what happens when you mix Chinese, Korean and Hawaiian genes. Besides fixing our economy, creating a civilization of girls with these specific genes should be our top priority.

#1 Jessica Gomes - Jessica is the undisputed queen of bodypaint. And she was nice enough to lose the bodypaint and show us the goods in her most recent GQ Italy photoshoot. They're real ... and they're spectacular.

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