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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dragon Wars (D-War)

Film ini udah turun di US tanggal 27 September 2007 tahun lalu. Ya keren aja lihat naga-nya makanya saya posting video trailer ama synopsis ceritanya.

Hebatnya film ini disutradara-in langsung oleh orang Korea, Hyung-rae Shim, makanya kalo gw lihat naganya tuh ada sedikit bau-bau Korea ama Jepang :) Dari hasil survey, banyak yang bilang film ini kurang bermutu, tapi kalo kalian suka ama naga gitu gak ada salahnya kalo kalian cari torrentnya di google trus didownload trus nonton deh.

Release Date: September 14, 2007
Studio: Freestyle Releasing
Director: Hyung-rae Shim
Screenwriter: Hyung-rae Shim
Starring: Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Aimee Garcia, Craig Robinson
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for intense sequences of violence and creature action)
Official Website: Dragon-Wars.com
Review: Not Available
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD: DVD | Blu-ray Disc
Movie Poster: Not Available
Production Stills: View here
Plot Summary: In a small Korean village, five hundred years ago, a girl named Narin was born carrying the coveted Yeouijoo inside her. The Heavens sent the protector Bochun and his protégé Haram, to ensure that when it came time, Narin was peacefully sacrificed to the pre-determined Good Imoogi. Bochun vigorously trained Haram as a knight, to be prepared for the eventual day when Narin would be delivered to the Good Imoogi. The day the Dark Imoogi, Buraki, and his army destroyed Narin's village looking for the Yeouijoo, Bochun instructed Haram to take her to the Good Imoogi.

The young girl and her knight would then fulfill the giant's serpent's destiny by giving it the power to save the world and become a heavenly dragon. By this time, after spending several years together, Haram and Narin had fallen in love. Unable to sacrifice their love to the benevolent Imoogi, they jumped to their deaths together in each other's arms. The Good Imoogi's destiny was unfulfilled and he would have to wait another five hundred years until the next Yeouijoo appears.

It is now five hundred years later in present day Los Angeles and the quest for the Imoogi is reborn. Haram and Narin have been reincarnated as Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr) and Sarah Daniels (Amanda Brooks) whose bond of love remains unsevered. Ethan is an investigative reporter for the local news. He is closely following a series of unexplainable disasters occurring in the area. When a young woman named Sarah is linked to those occurrences, Ethan remembers that an ancient man he met many years before had predicted all of these events . Ethan finds Sarah and helps her escape the wrath of Buraki and his army. Aware that Sarah must sacrifice herself in order to save the city from the Buraki and ensure that the Good Imoogi becomes the Dragon, Ethan tries to convince Sarah that there is another way to battle the Imoogies. Meanwhile, the FBI agent on the case, Frank Campbell (Robert Forster), has uncovered the Imoogies' intentions through his own investigations. Campbell is ready to sacrifice Sarah to the demonic animals to save Los Angeles. In the face of chaos and destruction, Ethan and Sarah must decide their own fate - whether to defy the will of heaven once again and let the city be destroyed or deliver Sarah to the Good Imoogi.

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