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Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Knight Sets Box Office Record

The Dark Knight Batman movie broke a new box office record making $155.34 million in its first weekend. The previous record was set by Spider-Man 3 in May of 2007 when it made $151.1 million.

Factoring in higher admission prices, however, "Spider-Man 3" may have sold slightly more tickets than "The Dark Knight."

At 2007’s average price of $6.88, "Spider-Man 3" sold 21.96 million tickets over opening weekend. Box office tracker Media By Numbers estimates today’s average movie prices at $7.08, which means "The Dark Knight" would have sold 21.94 million tickets.

"The Dark Knight," which cost $185 million to make, also broke the "Spider-Man 3" record for best debut in IMAX large-screen theaters with $6.2 million. "Spider-Man 3" opened with $4.7 million in IMAX cinemas.

Did you see The Dark Knight? (source/hollywoodgrind)

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