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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kung Fu Fighting version Sam Concepcion

Sam, 15, mendapat kehormatan untuk menyanyi lagu 'Kung Fu Fighting' buat 'Kung Fu Panda' punyanya Dreamworks. GM dari United International Pictures Philipine, Selina Gecolea, akan memastikan 'Kung Fu Fighting' version Sam akan diputar setiap bioskop yang ada di Philipine.

Mmhhhh kalo Anda pengennya versi 'Kung Fu Fighting' yang mana di Bioskop Jakarta dan sekitarnya?? Give ur comment ok... ;-)

Enjoy Sam!!! Videonya kurang bagus kualitinya, kalo ada yang lebih bagus lagi nanti gw update di Gossip Blog ya... ^_~

Mau dapatkan artikel (berita/gambar/video), gossip & sensasi selebriti dan foto artis dari Gossip Blog SECARA PERCUMA / GRATIS setiap hari?
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Anonymous said...

hi! i was just surfing stuff about sam and came across your blog. i'm just wondering what language is this? hehehe. i found it amusing to see sam on a blog with different language.

have a good one!

Gossip Blog said...

Well, I just want to blog about Kung Fu Fighting and so happen Sam sang different version so I put it in my blog as well. I admit Sam got talent on singing hope he is doing well forever in singing. btw, the language is Indonesian

Go go Sam :)

Anonymous said...

hi again! thanks for the reply. i agree with you.. hope he continues doing well forever. love that boy!

oh, so it's indonesian! i used an online translator. haha! from what i understood, the vid was not good. here's a better vid of him from that same performance where he sang it live on a show here in the philippines...


hope i helped! :)

just wondering, do you know christian bautista? i heard his song is famous in your country.

Sam's Official Site:

Gossip Blog said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Yup, you are right. I have said the video was not good. And thanks for the links ya..... :)

I;m not too sure about Christian Bautista. But if he is good I would definitely publish about him even though his song is not famous in Indonesia.


Gossip Blog

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm not Mr... I'm Ms. Anonymous. LOL...

Welcome. Whew! Good to know that those online translators work anyhow. Haha! Anyway, oooh I thought he was.. nevermind then. Let's stick with... "Go Sam!" Hahahahaha!!!

Thanks for your time to reply to my comments!! Appreciate it! =)

Cheers to yah as well,
Ms. Samster

(You can call me that, Samster is the collective name for Sam's supporters. Haha!)

Gossip Blog said...

hohohoho ... u are welcome, Ms. Samster.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi i'm back mr. gossip blog!

i just want to share you the official music video of sam's kung fu fighting! hehehe! hope you don't mind...


Gossip Blog said...

No problem....I always welcome u Ms. Samster ;) hohohoo....

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