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Friday, May 30, 2008

Grace Park Bugil??

Mmmmhh kalo fans Battlestar Galactica disuruh milih siapa yang paling seksi pasti banyak yang memilih Tricia. Anyway, si Grace menurut gw juga seksi tuh. Coba liat tampangnya yang cute. Setuju gak guys?? Enjoy fotonya yang terbaru di Majalah Complex edisi June!!! ..... ;) Dan berikut interview langsung dengan Grace berserta video-nya:

The success of Battlestar kinda came out of nowhere, and now everyone on the show is a star in their own right; how have you dealt with the fame and fans?
Grace Park: One of the things I like about Battlestar is that we’re a cult hit. We’re not on Lost, and not every single person is pointing fingers at us. I went out with Daniel Dae Kim [Jin on Lost]—we hosted a show together, and we were sitting at some restaurant. And everyone that walked by would wave at me like, “Congratulations, you know Daniel Dae Kim,” or “I know him too!” He’s in a much more high-profile position, so he’s dealing with the public a lot more. I love not doing that as much, just to have your anonymity.

Are you good with the public?
Grace Park: I think so. I hope so.

No fistfights?
Grace Park: Not yet. Don’t mess with me.

Have you ever hit somebody?
Grace Park: No, I’ve never. [Pause.] OK, guys, but mostly in the chest.

Like, playful, or actually hitting them?
Grace Park: Well, the cover is playful, but really I try to hit them as hard as I can.

And they’re like, “Oh, I’m sorry, did you touch me? I didn’t feel that.”
Grace Park: Then I have to pick them up off the floor.

“And then I gotta go pick ’em up at the morgue.”
Grace Park: [Laughs.]

Battlestar was your big hit. And it’s ending. Have you thought about that? What happens when it ends?
Grace Park: I guess we see other actors and we associate them with one TV show, and then maybe you don’t see them again for a long time. I’ve never really thought about that.

You haven’t thought about that?
Grace Park: Thanks! Because I think what usually happens is that once you enter the machine and you get on a hit show, and it starts to end, managers, publicists start to say, “OK, let’s get you on another show, it’s time to capitalize on what you’ve got.” But I don’t understand why people want to be famous.

But you were a model.
Grace Park: Yeah, but models don’t do it to be famous. They do it to make money.
Gossip Blog: Yeah, I agree with you Grace ;)

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